Hopper and Eleven reach the center of the institute where the path is now clear. ️ 2022-06-04 10:28:00 - Paris/France. Mr. Bingham passe une grande partie de son temps dans son bureau, situé . During the season, it is temporarily able to trap Chief Hopper there, although Hopper can be saved in the last moment. These events would attract the interest of Dr. Martin Brenner, who took it to the Hawkins National Laboratory to be studied; Henry was designated 001, becoming the lab's first test subject. Queen Usurna | After this event, he became the first . He then grew to hate people and society and the order that people would live in; wake up, eat, work, sleep, reproduce and die. ACȚIUNI. Mr. Blut | A A. Stranger Things is an American science fiction horror television series created for Netflix by the Duffer Brothers, set in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, in the 1980s.The first season, set in November 1983, focuses on the investigation into the disappearance of a young boy named Will Byers amid supernatural events occurring around the town, including the appearance of a girl with . The Stranger Things season 4 trailer takes some time out to pay tribute to one of its fallen antiheroes. While preparations are taken to bring Eleven into the lab in order to close the gate, the team also makes plans to make Will's body uninhabitable for the Mind Flayer so that he will leave Will before the gate is closed. To be fair, Tom and Bruce were sexist jerks, but they didn't do anything to deserve the horrible deaths Vecna subjected them in. To make matters worse, of all his victims, Victor was the sole one Vecna spared, living out his days with the survivor's guilt and trying to commit suicide by blinding himself so he could join his family in death. His act of opening the portals caused the death of Jason (though Jason’s actions were wrong, he certainly didn’t deserve to die, especially since Vecna is responsible for his fall to villainy in the first place). by Peter A. July 13, 2022. in Netflix, Streaming. Hopper's group make their way to the fairgrounds in Hawkins to find the children where they are spotted by Kline, who alerts the Russians. Last Appearance: by Peter A. Although his defeat apparently prevents him from causing as much damage as he intended, the Upside Down's portals cause an earthquake over Hawkins, destroying countless buildings, killing at least twenty-two people, injuring countless civilians, and leaving many people disappeared, presumably dead. To drive the turning point home, he still would have been more than heinous enough for Pure Evil even before entering the Upside Down, communing with the Mind Flayer, murdering at least one hundred innocent civilians, and tirelessly tormenting the Party for years. Not only that, but Henry losing consciousness to trick his father into finding himself in a World War II-esque hallucination led to Victor taking the blame for his family's murders, leading to his unfair arrest and institutionalization at the Pennhurst Mental Hospital, from which Henry showed no remorse. Governor | Fire Dr. Karine, Animated Features When the Creel family moved into a new house, Henry found a nest of black widows hiding in a bathroom vent. A cruel, oppressing world dictated by made-up rules. The third . Max draws Vecna's domain, which Nancy recognizes as the Creel house, unaware that it's actually Vecna's childhood home. Ամեն ինչ մենք գիտենք «Stranger Things» 2-րդ եթերաշրջանի մասին, մաս 4. Tier: 10-B physically, at least 9-C with Telekinesis | 9-B physically, at least 8-C with Telekinesis, Low 7-B via Environmental Destruction, Classification: Human, Psychic, Upside Down Organism, Telekinesis (Can move objects and break bones with his mind), Rage Power (Seemingly grows more powerful the angrier he gets, much like Eleven), Telepathy, Technology Manipulation (Technology begins to malfunction in the presence of his powers), Illusion Creation (Can create visual and auditory illusions), Animal Manipulation (Spiders were docile towards him), Memory Manipulation (Can show people memories from their past), Telekinesis (Much stronger than before. the most important of all predators. Vecna | Alive Will proclaimed that Vecna is not going to stop, not until he has taken everything and everyone. A fearsome sentient creature aligned with the Upside Down, Vecna had humble origins as the human Henry Creel. Warning: This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things season 4, volume 2. The Upside Down (Vecna), Hawkins (Henry Creel), Telepathy, Telekinesis, Dream Manipulation, Oneric Slaying, Strength, Teleportation (presumably), Illusory Mind Control, Advanced Intelligence, Retrocognition, Hypnosis. EVERYTHING! The first season revolves around the disappearance of Will Byers, while the second season explores the repercussions of the mysterious events of season 1. Bartel | View All Result . A A. The Commandant | Although it's assumed that he spared him to torment him for not saving his family, Vecna himself assures that it was because he was "busy", likely killing other people after Victor's imprisonment. Driscoll and Billy both transform at the same time. And we're going to end you. After Eleven walks in on him torturing and killing Two, Henry explains his backstory and hatred of humanity. Warden Melnikov | Mr. Bingham, interprété par Mark Rowe, est le père de Suzie Bingham et un personnage mineur de la quatrième saison de Stranger Things. Robert Daly | It's implied that since Vecna never put Patrick in a trance when he kills him, and the fact that he only tormented him for 2 days instead of 5, he knew that this would make Jason think Eddie did this, if this is true, it would make Vecna way worse. Psychologically torments and then possesses Will to gain access to the real world. Ironically, Freddy Krueger's actor Robert Englund appears in the show as Vecna’s father, Victor Creel. See list here Vizualizați tot rezultatul . We have moved to a new external forum hosted at https://vsbattles.com. While trying to do the same to his father by making him relive his traumatic experiences during the war in which he served, Henry over-exerted himself and passed out. Vecna While Vecna is currently Pure Evil, there's a slight possibility that this may change once the fifth season of. The four victims were Chrissy Cunningham, Fred Benson, Patrick McKenny, and Max Mayfield. Թողարկման ամսաթիվ, դրվագների քանակ և ավելին Vecna. In his goal to conquer the world, he goes on a murder spree in the town of Hawkins in order to start a full-blown invasion of his world on Earth so he can destroy all human life and reshape it for himself. Henry Creel was the son of Victor Creel. As soon as Robin triggered the trap in the Creel mansion, he reveals to Max that he indeed has noticed all of them coming to the Upside Down to kill him, as well as commanding the Russian Demogorgon to kill Hopper, Joyce and Murray. Vecna is considered a wrathful devil responsible for the murder of a family in Hawkins. Human/Upside-Down Vecna, Stranger Things ' main villain, managed to destroy much of the town by opening four gates . After Dr. Owens ( Paul Reiser) takes Eleven ( Millie Bobby Brown) to a secret facility where she can work with Brenner ( Matthew Modine . On Halloween night, Vecna begins to emerge into the sky in the Upside Down when Will has another episode. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators . ️ 2022-04-18 20:04:17 - Paris / Pháp. Before he could finish his kill, Eleven reveals to Vecna that Dr. Martin Brenner died, even to the point of sympathizing with him for all the pain Brenner brought to him, thus making him into who he is now, even calling Brenner the monster, not Henry, but Vecna rejects her sympathy as not only he acknowledges Brenner’s brutal treatment over him, but he knows that Brenner was no monster, but a man, an "ordinary, mediocre man” who sought greatness in both him and Eleven. Uses the Mind Flayer particles in the Soviet Union to take control of the Demodogs and the Russian Demogorgon, making them slaughter the guards (although some of them, like. He was soon discovered by Dr Brenner and became the . Krang One, Live-Action Features Dans la nuit du 21 mars 1986, Eddie Munson et Chrissy Cunningham sont entrés dans la roulotte d'Eddie dans le seul but d'acheter de la drogue. General Morando | ĐÁNH GIÁ. The Mind Flayer spreads over Hawkins via vines that are drilling themselves through the earth in the forests near the city, creating an immense unseen vine network beneath the surface. Summons a hallucination of Billy being trapped inside a sauna to psychologically torment Max. At least a hundred (caused)Billions (attempted; ongoing), Animal crueltyMutilationNigh-familicideMass possessionIncrimination by proxyPsychological abuseMass murder (including child murder)Mass enslavementMass tortureAttempted genocideAttempted populicideMind-breakingTerrorismChild abuseAttempted world dominationGrand theft animarumCrimes against humanity. Mr. Bingham est un résident de Salt Lake City, Utah et mormon. While the Mind Flayer's proxy form is destroyed, the actual Mind Flayer is still alive in the Upside Down. Following these two murders, Dustin Henderson nicknames him "Vecna", after a Dungeons & Dragons character with similar powers. RECENZII. Simultaneously, while Hopper, Joyce, Murray, Yuri Ismaylov and Dmitri "Enzo" Antonov were about to escape the Soviet prison, they discover there's more demogorgon specimens other than the Soviet Demogorgon and they enter a room where they see several sleeping demodogs in tanks, and they also see a major tank with a large piece of the Mind Flayer trapped in it. One day, he decided to kill his family by using his powers. In the final episode of Stranger Things 4 Volume 1, it's revealed that Vecna isn't native to the Upside Down, but was banished there by Eleven after he gruesomely . Over time, Henry became one of several stretcher bearers who assisted Brenner and ran the lab. The Upside Down Shere Khan | This means that Vecna controls the Mind Flayer, and the Mind Flayer controls the Demogorgons, Demobats, Demodogs, Larval stages of creatures from the Upside-Down and the vines. ️ 2022-05-27 21:01:03 - Paris/France. Once Eleven opened a gate, and put Henry through, he was sent to the atmosphere of the Upside-Down and struck by lightning. Yanayin Max da Vecna na Netflix shine ɗayan mafi yawan magana a cikin Stranger Things 4, Babu sakamako . Vecna shows some similarities to the iconic Stephen King villain. Photo: composition/Netflix. In-Universe Information After murdering the other residents of the lab, he was banished into the Upside Down by Eleven, where he became one with the realm, entering its hivemind and becoming Vecna. It makes him the one responsible for absolutely all the horrors from the Upside Down faced by the protagonists in the previous seasons, also showing him as the one responsible for all the deaths the Upside Down creatures caused, as he controls the Hive Mind and made it clear that all the events, since the, It's also implied that the Demogorgon and other Upside Down creatures weren't homicidal before Vecna took over the Hive Mind since they didn't attack him when he came, making him responsible for corrupting a realm. Well, cat's out of the bag: Henry Creel - or One, whichever you prefer - is Vecna (you can read a full breakdown of the big reveal here).And Jamie Campbell Bower, the actor playing both Henry and Vecna underneath all those prosthetics, is finally able to talk about his crucial role in the penultimate season of . Despite that Eleven later does her best to undo the damage he caused, his actions leave long-lasting consequences, mainly: Kills Max Mayfield just like his other victims, though he doesn't get to gouge her eyes (seemingly leaving her blinded), and while Eleven manages to resurrect her, she has been left in a brain-dead state (with most doctors assuring the Party that she isn't likely to survive) and her temporary death counted on Vecna's spell to bring the Upside Down to the Earth. After Will Byers has been saved from the Upside Down at the end of Season 1, he starts having visions of the Upside Down leaking into the real world. Vecna is a taunt that torments young people, Vecna curses Max, but she is saved by Dustin, Lucas and Steve. And now it's time. Vecna torments Nancy with Barbara Holland's corpse and forces her to relive the night of her death before Nancy escapes. She tries again, but fails and One lifts her up, trying to kill her, but fails. Marvel Cinematic Universe Pure Evils | In order to prevent the Demodogs from multiplying and attacking the city while also preventing the Mind Flayer vines to reach the city, Mike convinces the team that the Mind Flayer needs to be eliminated as the Mind Flayer serves as the hive mind to all the monsters. Eventually, Henry killed his entire family, framing his father in the process. He was the son of Victor and Virginia Creel as well as the younger brother of Alice Creel. Meanwhile, Henry killed Alice (his sister). Brainwashes Bruce Lowe and Tom Holloway at the hospital and has them go after the Party to let Doris Driscoll return to his spot, killing several hospital workers in the process. Before his defeat, Vecna threatened Eleven that this is only the beginning of the end and that they have lost, which Eleven corrected him as he is the one who lost. A A. Reyajiste. YOU CAN SEE: 'Stranger Things 4' and the horror movie the cast had to see before taping This is soon proven to be true since the gates allowed for the Black Particles to emerge from the portal, therefore the entire realm is slowly invading Earth, starting with Hawkins. . Dustin, Steve, Robin and Erica discover a testing area where four scientists are opening a portal to the Upside Down. SHARES. Henry Creel was born in 1947. The end of season 4 of Stranger Things left the Hawkins gang in a precarious position. He would grow up in Hawkins Lab, where he turned even more bitter as his hatred of humanity grew. Alice Creel Max Mayfield a vu Eddie et Chrissy entrer dans la roulotte. Ares | Eleven uses her powers to close the gate to the Upside Down, banishing the Mind Flayer for good. The Crawl; Media. Ace Killer | After its vines are found by Chief Hopper and his allies, the Mind Flayer uses his influence over Will. Frank Underwood | Mike and the rest of the gang successfully reach the center of the vine system, where the Mind Flayer protects itself by having several bulbs blasting out spores as a defense mechanism. After she does so, Henry regains his powers and kills some security guards, before leaving Eleven in a closet and telling her to wait for him. Although the beasts manage to swarm the house, they are all killed by Eleven before they have the opportunity to enter. Tricked his father Victor into believing that a baby's crib with a baby inside was on the chimney's fire to scare him, finding mockable that his father thought that it was a demon that was the one doing that. Hopper nods at Joyce to trigger the shutdown, seemingly disintegrating everyone in the gate room and killing the Mind Flayer's proxy form. They believe that Will holds the key to defeating the beast and plan to wake him up. He then targeted 4 victims. He is portrayed by Jamie Campbell Bower. His father was a war veteran, whom Henry despised due to his actions in the war. Stranger Things' cast teases Vecna as a new kind of horror at the worldwide premiere of season 4.The Duffer Brothers' homage to '80s nostalgia, Stranger Things, has become a massive hit for Netflix since premiering in 2016.The series follows a group of high school friends in Hawkins, Indiana as they uncover a mystery involving secret government experiments, a telekinetic child, and the . He then talked to El about his past life and hate for society and tried to talk her into joining him. Here, Henry explored the realm for so many days, until he found an enormous cloud made out of particles, and therefore he used his powers to reshape the cloud into a being who is "the predator he was always born to be”, an extension of himself. He is a mysterious psychic and the ruler of a supernatural dimension called "the Upside Down", acting as a hive mind for every entity and creature originating from it, such as the Demogorgon, Demodogs, vines, and Demobats. Once he managed, Henry managed to make him hallucinate him being back in France in World War II. Joseph Crackstone, See Also First Appearance: Nancy meets Mrs. Driscoll in the hospital. Henry claimed that the device also tracks the implantee's movements: a dubious assertion that may or may not be true. Vecna uses his minions, a race of Demogorgon-like bats to stalk them as they attempt to find another way back. This proves that Vecna is nothing more than an egomaniac with a strong God-complex and hate for everything who isn't like himself wants, like. 2' հանգեցրեց մահվան և տարբեր բացահայտումների However, psychological iterations of the victims' bodies remain in Vecna's Mindscape. For information regarding the procedure that needs to be exactly followed to register there, please click here. FREE delivery Tue, Jan 10 . Vecna's Curse; The Monster and the Superhero; Dear Billy; The Nina Project; The Dive; The Massacre at Hawkins Lab; Papa; The Piggyback; Season Five. Will later explains to Mike that Vecna is still alive, hurt but alive. The team splits into three groups. Lloyd Hansen, Animated Television A deeply unnatural structure. En 1986, le statut de sa femme (c'est-à-dire vivante ou décédée) n'est pas clair. Yoon Gwi-nam | The group tracks down one of Vecna's gates, located at the site of Patrick's murder. by Peter A. July 6, 2022. in Netflix, Streaming. Dustin, Nancy, Max, and others began investigating the murders, dubbing the killer 'Vecna' after a D&D character. Dustin and Erica drag a drugged Steve and Robin to the movie theater in Starcourt. Motivated by a nihilistic and misanthropic philosophy, Henry used his powers to psychologically torture his family, eventually killing his mother and sister, and then framing his father for these crimes, which led to his death. There, inside a cataclysmic storm, he sees the Mind Flayer reaching out to him. Despite his Pure Evil status, Vecna's actor, Jamie Campbell Bower, stated that he sympathizes with his character, as he believes he snapped due to feeling disenfranchised by society and that he did have some genuine care for Eleven until she rejected him. The theory later proved half-right as Mind Flayer is, for all its intents and purposes, the monstrous avatar of 001 aka Vecna/Henry Creel's will all along shaped from a mass of cloud particles he stumbled upon following his exile into the Upside Down after his defeat at the hands of. Forces dozens of flayed individuals to consume dangerous chemicals like bleach and melt into nothing but disgusting flesh and organs so he can form a proxy avatar for himself, killing them in the process. He offers Eleven to join him so they can "reshape" the world, but Eleven rejects him. Pa gen rezilta . Those suffering the curse will begin having headaches, nightmares, hallucinations, and will eventually be sent into Vecna's mindscape after a set number of days), Perception Manipulation (Can create visual and auditory illusions, such as morphing someone's face into his own), BFR (Can send victims to his mindscape, or into the mindscape of others, making them incapable of controling their physical body), Spatial Manipulation, Reality Warping and Corruption when in the mindscape (His presence in someone's mindscape will cause the environment to change, such as causing balloons to pop into pools of blood or causing lights to dim. 96. Alien Pedan | A A. As a child, he was portrayed by Raphael Luce. Billy seizes Eleven for the Mind Flayer while the others distract it with fireworks. Stranger Things Pure Evils | Henry grew up an outcast due to his strange behavior, resulting in him developing a deep hatred for humanity. After moving to a new home in Hawkins in March 1959, young Henry discovered that he had remarkable psychokinetic abilities and that he could alter the perception of others. It also makes his hate for humanity hypocritical since he accuses humans of corrupting the natural order of the world, when the one who does that is actually him, corrupting an entire realm to his own image. A possible twist in Stranger Things season 5, based on the theory that Vecna's story told to Eleven is full of lies, could change the show's villain completely. When murdering his victims, he prefers to traumatize them first and kill them in a brutal fashion which involves: Despite repeatedly sparing Brenner and even appearing displeased at the end of his passing, it’s implied this was simply because he wanted Brenner to suffer more and watch as he brings about the end of the world and everything Brenner worked for. Hopper throws Grigori into the machine, causing it to go haywire and block his exit. All that work. Its preference changed from the rats to humans when it encountered Billy Hargrove and used his body as a primary vessel to capture first a lifeguard named Heather Holloway, to sacrifice her to the Mind Flayer. Height: Like the Demogorgon and Mind Flayer, Vecna is not based on the D&D character, but the main characters in the series named him based on some similarities. Wè tout rezilta . Stranger Things has become a pop culture sensation, and it's easy to forget the show was originally proposed as a limited series. As she went to another room, she saw One killing Two with his powers. As its shadow form could not physically appear in Hawkins, it proceeded to infect the rats inside the steelworks, who presumably spread its influence on other rats throughout the town. This would seriously strain Brenner's relationship with Eleven (leading him to raise her more roughly) and that not only makes him indirectly responsible for Eleven's claustrophobia, but this also essentially unfolds the show's events, as Brenner forced her to make to contact with the Demogorgon trying to locate him, this in turn opened the first gate connecting the Upside Down to the real world in Hawkins, essentially freeing him from his long imprisonment and allowing him the opportunity to unleash the Demogorgon into Hawkins. When Hopper, Joyce and Murray went back to the prison in order to defeat part of the Mind Flayer's hive mind, Murray burns all the demodogs with the Mind Flayer's pieces within them, causing too much damage to the hive mind and consequently, weakening and hurting Vecna, saving Steve, Nancy and Robin from the vines on the Upside Down's Creel house and defeating the demobats that were killing Eddie. As a child, Henry developed psychic powers, and honed them by killing small animals in his house. Although he states that he was treated as an outcast by other children and that his doctors and teachers dismissed him as "broken", this tragedy is pretty minor compared to his actions, as his main reason for turning evil after realizing his powers was his belief that life is just a play in which people act like puppets just to wake up, eat, work, sleep, reproduce and die, so his own delusions don't justify any of the things he has done. Billy and Heather take her parents to the mill, where they have been possessed. And deeply misunderstood. Came up with many of the plans to kill the kids). Yvonne Parker | He also has complete control of the area in the mindscape, making the environment change, making items appear and disappear, ext) Resistance to pain and possibly fire (Despite being stated to be weak against fire, Vecna was able to walk relatively unfazed towards Steve, Nancy, and Robin while engulfed in flames), Resistance to Poison Manipulation, Disease Manipulation, and Corrosion Inducement (Immune to the toxic atmosphere of the Upside Down, which can make people very sick and rot organic matter), Attack Potency: Human level (Is a seemingly fit adult), at least Street level+ with Telekinesis (Broke the legs, arms, and jaws of every other psychic child in Hawkins Lab, his mother, and multiple guards) | Wall level physically (Should be physically comparable to a Demogorgon, who's youngest forms are capable of breaking concrete), at least Building level+ with Telekinesis (Is comparable to Eleven, and can create portals to the Upside Down), Small City Level with Environmental Destruction (Upon the fourth victim of Vecna's Curse falling, all four portals will converge, creating an event comparable to a 7.4 magnitude earthquake), Speed: Average Human | Average Human travel speed with Superhuman Reaction & Combat Speed (Can fight on par with Eleven), Lifting Strength: Average Human physically, Class 1 with Telekinesis (Snapped a guard's neck) | At least Average Human physically, Class 10 with Telekinesis (Scalable to Eleven), Striking Strength: Human level | Wall level, Durability: Human level, possibly higher (Survived being thrown through a window) | Wall level (Survived being thrown through wooden bleachers. Vecna appearing to Will. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Pure Evils | However, Eleven stood her ground and eventually overpowered him, sending him through a gate to the Upside Down World; there, he gradually transformed into the being known as Vecna. Waiting... for it all... to be... over. NAZARI. Foolkiller | Quand Eddie n'a pas pu trouver la drogue que Chrissy voulait, il est allé dans sa chambre pour . Henry discreetly gives Eleven a keycard, allowing her to meet up with him in the lab's boiler room, where Eleven offers to remove the chip in his neck so they can escape together. Henry Creel, also known as 001, and later dubbed "Vecna" is a main antagonist of Stranger Things. Maxine. Henry Creel, Peter Ballard Since he is the one who controls all the creatures from the Upside Down, he is directly responsible for the Demogorgon's actions, such as the abduction of Will Byers, scarring Brenner's face and the murder of Barbara Holland, Shepard, an innocent scientist, two hunters, several agents and a deer, despite not physically appearing in the season, making him the direct cause of the entire show's plot. Key: Pre-Upside Down (001) | Post-Upside Down (Vecna). He serves as the unseen overarching antagonist of season 1, the unseen main antagonist of seasons 2 and 3 (in his Mind Flayer form) and the main antagonist of season 4. Henry Creel, also known as 001, and later dubbed "Vecna" is a main antagonist of Stranger Things. Occupation: When a young boy disappears, his mother, a police chief and his friends must confront terrifying supernatural forces in order to get him back. Nici un rezultat . Powers and Abilities: In RuneScape, the Vecna skull is a very rare item, obtained from the Rare Drop Table. Most people fear spiders. Vecna's first appearance as the Mind Flayer. Father: Catherine Ortiz | The Upside Down (Vecna), Hawkins (Henry Creel) It was true in the sense that a young Eleven ( Millie Bobby Brown) first opened a portal . Black Mirror Pure Evils | He didn't like people and society and didn't want to be a part of it. He tattooed Creel's wrist with a tattoo saying, "001". Will's mother Joyce, Nancy, and Will's brother Jonathan attempt to free Will. Universal Studios Pure Evils. Nancy and Jonathan, wanting to find the rat, discovered Driscoll in this state, having the woman be placed in a hospital. 1.83m Henry then repeats the process with Fred, this time showing him visions of a car accident that killed someone that was with him. Tweet may have been deleted. After moving to a new home in Hawkins in March 1959, the young Henry discovered he had remarkable psychokinetic abilities and could . Dustin enlists Suzie's help for a necessary code, Planck's constant. Amir Asif | The torture of the Vecna is in the mind of a victim, they save Max by playing Kate Bush's music. Tried to kill Eleven after she declined his offer to join forces to ravage the world and rule it together, proving that he was only interested in using her for her powers, leading Eleven to banish him to the Upside Down. A A. After the two left, the captured rat exploded into sentient flesh, and it slithers from the cage. With the Mind Flayer sealed away, all Demodogs on Earth drops dead immediately. Babu sakamako . No Result . He knocked out Max when she tried to help Eleven. Not long after that, he then proceeded to kill Max, just to spite Eleven for banishing him to the Upside Down. Stranger Things 4: Đó là thiết kế thay thế đáng sợ của nhân vật phản diện Vecna. Pete Daily | Chrissy, being guilty of buying drugs and her abusive mother. Victor Creel První série seriálu měla na Netflixu premiéru dne 15. července 2016, další série byly uvedeny v letech 2017 . Vecna | Medusa | In other words, he's the big, scary monster wreaking havoc on Hawkins. | Fire is harmful to all residents of the Upside Down. This article contains spoilers for Stranger Things season 4. Don't you see? Played By: Jamie Campbell Bower, Raphael Luce (Child) "They can't help you Max. When suddenly the phone in the room rings, Will recognizes the ringtone and the Mind Flayer realizes where Will and the group are located. Dr. Martin Brenner, the doctor that Virginia had contacted to check on Henry, tried to perform experiments on him and control him, but after repeated failures, Brenner gave up and started using his DNA to create more psychics like him, including Eleven. The Duffer Brothers. You think some letters... are going to make things right? Years later, when he meets up with Eleven again, he makes clear that his interest in recruiting her for his crusade is gone and he now wants to kill her to prevent her from stopping him and to get back at her for deforming him when she sent him through the portal, so whatever care he had for Eleven (if it was once genuine at all) was definitely shredded the moment she banished him to the Upside Down. The Mind Flayer particles enter the demodogs, awakening them and starting a full massacre in the prison, killing all the soldiers in the process. Furthermore, by murdering Chrissy at the Munson family's trailer, he causes, The first of Vecna's murders in Hawkins also led. Flayed victims (inc. Will Byers and Billy Hargrove), Ronan the Accuser (Marvel Cinematic Universe), https://pure-evil-villains.fandom.com/wiki/File:Henry_explaining_his_misanthropy_and_nihilism_to_Eleven.ogg, https://pure-evil-villains.fandom.com/wiki/File:Vecna_Billy_Hargroove.ogg. Stranger Things, Volume 1; Stranger Things, Volume 2; . Once feeling inferior to Eleven, he gathered up other psychics and brutally assaulted Eleven. Vecna is an archlich who became a god, and he takes his name from an anagram of noted fantasy author . The Duffer brothers' first script suggested Eleven would . When Henry discovered his psychic powers, he used them to torment and murder his family. Torments Hawkins High reporter Fred Benson by impersonating a police officer and later a child at a funeral while calling him a murderer due to a car accident that he was in after he and Nancy Wheeler came to interview Eddie's neighbors and uncle about what happened, then kills him after luring him into the forest and then to the highway, dropping his corpse there. MADRID, 28 mai. He bursts free from his shackles and attacks Joyce, starting to strangle her. Tries to kill Max while she visits Billy's grave by taking Billy's form and trying to strangle her with eldritch tentacles summoned by him. SkekSo | bad guy Vecna—a.k.a. He became increasingly interested in spiders, but most people feared them. You see... humans... are a unique type of pest; multiplying... and poisoning our world, all while enforcing a structure of their own: a deeply... unnatural structure. Dustin, Lucas, Max, and Lucas' sister, Erica, contact the other half of the group through a series of lights, and instruct them to go to the Upside Down's equivalent of Eddie's trailer, which is where Chrissy died. As the gate began to reopen, the Mind Flayer began to reawaken, hidden inside an abandoned steelworks plant. If you're uncertain which one you're looking for, just flip a coin. Horde Prime | Because now I see you. Jamie Campbell Bower plays Henry Creel/Peter Ballard/One/Vecna in Season 4 of Stranger Things. Xtabay | Mother: Megabyte | Arquette | Henry Creel was born in 1947. He is from Hawkins laboratories who seeks to destroy the Human race after tricking Eleven into helping him escape. He then noticed this along with the fact that most not only are afraid, but despise spiders and they kill them. Billy returns from the Upside Down and, struggling with visions and guided by a strange voice, abducts fellow lifeguard Heather Holloway and takes her to the mill. Other than that, enjoy Villains Wiki!!! In 1986, Vecna ​​resurfaced and began murdering a large number of Hawkins residents, tormenting her victims with her curse and using their deaths to open a series of new portals. Billy regroups with Heather at the mill, where the Mind Flayer also had possessed dozens of Hawkins citizens. Vizualizați tot rezultatul . Ted Bundy | He will return in the upcoming fifth and final season in some capacity. After Max takes solace in a happy memory, which is when she and Lucas danced during the Hawkins Middle School's Snow Ball of 1984, Vecna scares her by popping out balloons filled with blood, stopping the music slowly and withering away her surroundings. After Eleven removed the device Brenner had put on his neck to restrain his powers, he used them to brutally kill the security guards, the nurses, and the other child subjects of Brenner's lab (though to be fair, some of them, like the orderlies, Two and his group of bullies definitely deserved it). He remained unaware that it was Henry the one behind his house's haunting, believing that his son had perished at the hands of the demon as well. After arriving in Hawkins, Henry became obsessed with the black widow spiders in his house due to them being lonely and misunderstood like him. He then becomes an explorer of the dimension, having nothing else to do. Enacts his revenge by brainwashing the Starcourt Mall rats which infected Doris Driscoll. Tim Burton Pure Evils | The show takes place in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana in the early-to-mid 1980s. Eleven reasonably refuses and uses her powers to push him away. Filming will reportedly begin at some point in 2023, which means a 2024 release date is likely. Pa gen rezilta . It's also possible that this is a complete lie since we didn't really see any onscreen proof of this. Although it once more tries to breach the gate while Eleven is sealing it, it is unsuccessful in its attempt and remains trapped in the Upside Down. Agent Orange | Duba duk sakamakon . Henry began to turn Eleven against Brenner, telling her the truth about her mother and tricking her into thinking that Brenner wants the other psychic children to kill her. Alexei is fatally shot by Grigori in front of Murray. Henderson | On 'Stranger Things' season 4, your trauma marks you out as an easily vulnerable target for a monster. This is Thesecret1070. 2022-05-29 18:33:24 - Paris / Pháp. View All Result . He then finds "something that would change everything". Henry grew up an outcast due to his strange behavior, resulting in him developing a deep hatred for humanity. 2022-05-28 17:04:54 - Paris/Franța. He found strength in a memory from his past, something that made him sad but also angry.Henry indirectly describing himself to Eleven. A A. This will also lead the Party and the heroes of the show to prepare for the final battle and war for the sake of not only Hawkins, but the world itself. This makes the way easier for the first group. Sister: Actor: Vodnik | Kills Patrick McKinney, one of Jason Carver's friends, while he swam with Jason to capture Eddie at the lake, targeting him due to abuse he suffers from his parents. As the superorganism attacks Nancy and Johnathan in the hospital, Will senses its presence, and Eleven arrives just in time to overpower it; it slinks off into the sewers. Punisher Pure Evils | Lord Marmoo | Nici un rezultat . REVIEWS. Vecna is a once-human lich from Oerth who ascended to godhood, according to Forgotten Realms Wiki. Henry Creel, also known as One, the Mind Flayer or Vecna, is the main antagonist of the Netflix original series Stranger Things. In a fit of rage, Henry used his restored powers to brutally murder the other test subjects and attempted to do the same to Eleven. Therefore, he used his powers to sent Eleven to his mindscape, and took Max’s unconscious body to one of the pillars of his fortress. A A. Reset. Broken. Although restrained, Mrs. Driscoll desired to “go back”, possibly referring to the mill where the Mind Flayer is. He reasons that just as they prevent flies from flooding humans, serial killers prevent humans from flooding the animal kingdom. He was the son of Victor and Virginia Creel as well as the younger brother of Alice Creel. Eleven is able to awaken Billy's mind from his memories, and Billy sacrifices himself to protect Eleven. Weaknesses: Eleven uses the same method of accessing Billy's memories as she had used with her mother. Jest tajemniczym medium, który jest synem Victora i Virginii Creel, młodszym bratem Alice Creel i władcą nadprzyrodzonego wymiaru zwanego „Upside Down", pełniącym rolę umysłu-ula dla każdego bytu i stworzenia z niego wywodzącego się . He is a mysterious psychic who is the son of Victor and Virginia Creel, the younger brother of Alice Creel, and the ruler of a supernatural dimension called "the Upside Down", acting as a hive mind for every entity and creature originating from it, such as the . Xem tất cả kết quả . Il a au moins sept enfants connus. In 1979, Henry tricked Test Subject Eleven into removing the Soteria chip with his powers. Expresses his hatred for humanity, hints that he plans to kill all humans in his quest to recreate the world in his own image, and openly rejects Eleven’s offer of redemption. Stranger Things 4 Vecna Hand Reaching Portrait T-Shirt. D-Stroy | Rolo Haynes | Whether the bodies are still there in Stranger Things after the Gate opened remains to be answered in season 5, but a few season 4 clues hint at why they were there in . They are gods of our world. Despite being under the influence of the Mind Flayer, Will is able to relay the message "Close Gate". Seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years, decades! Ponderea pe . Vecna (Dungeons & Dragons) Vecna (Stranger Things) Your time... is almost.. at an end. Virginia Creel To vote for the Pure Evil Proposals of the day, see: To vote for the Pure Evil Removals of the day, see: Manage all your favorite fandoms in one place! Season 2. I didn't have to. 1951 (presumably) So in 1979, he already stood out even compared to. And then we are going to end... everyone. This is because back when he had low resources, he tortured, murdered, and flanderized his own kin, fatally mutilated several innocent animals, killed guards and nurses and proceeded to mass-murder little children in Hawkins Lab, and pounded an already traumatized eight-year-old Jane Ives to a pulp. Arthur Walsh | He manipulates all others into believing that Will has had a hallucination of the central weak point of the vines. Decoratiuni de Stranger Things la Naucalpan (Foto: Netflix)Cu ocazia sărbătorilor de Halloween locuitorii unui. He also began to realize he had psychic powers, being able to move objects telekinetically and enter minds. Male The Woman with Hair but No Beard | As of this writing, the Mind Flayer is now considered just another alias of Vecna, as its only quote in the whole show can easily be attributed as that being Vecna talking to Eleven even if he didn't reveal to Eleven her long-forgotten connection to him. Soteria is a miniature device that, when implanted into the neck of an individual with psychokinetic abilities, inhibits that person's abilities. He would eventually be taken to Hawkins Lab under the care of Dr. Martin . Vecna, the Seasonal Villain of Stranger Things, Was Debated During the Opening Weekend of However, many fans noticed that his face looks familiar, and that's certainly no coincidence. Creator(s): When El stepped out of the room, she saw dead bodies of the guards and numbers. Stranger Things 4 - Now Featuring Vecna. Stranger Things: The Game; Stranger Things 3: The Game; The Mind Flayer flees from Will's body and exits it in a gust of shadowy smoke and flees the hut. Vizualizați tot rezultatul . Unknown by Պիեռ Ա. Uses Billy to brainwash Heather Holloway and her parents, and proceeds to spread his influence to more innocent Hawkins citizens, essentially "flaying" them. How to Train Your Dragon Pure Evils | Unbeknownst to her, Henry through the Flayer steals part of her portal opening powers as a contingency. The Bats, also known as Demobats, are major antagonists in the fourth season of Stranger Things. Billy Hargrove (Dacre Montgomery), older stepbrother of Max Mayfield, was a bad, bad dude. Dustin, Max and Lucas Sinclair begin investigating Vecna along with Nancy Wheeler, Steve Harrington, Robin Buckley and Eddie Munson, the latter of whom was accused of Chrissy's murder. Stranger Things: With Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo. It also starts developing several dog-like creatures similar to early development stages of the Demogorgon, later dubbed Demodogs, as an invasion force. Each life, a faded, lesser copy of the one before! Weaknesses: Standard human weaknesses, overuse of powers will lead to nosebleeds. Vecna took the lives of Chrissy Cunningham, Fred Benson, Patrick McKinney and Max Mayfield. And yet, I found them endlessly fascinating. Kilgrave | Chapter One: The Hellfire Club You've. Vecna is to Stranger Things 4 what the Demogorgon was to Season 1. Across town, the Flayed gather on the mill, and fuse into the Flayer's Proxy Form. 5 noiembrie 2022. in Netflix, streaming. Pulls Steve into the Upside Down and sent the Demobats to maul him to death, only failing due to the intervention of Nancy, Robin and Eddie. If you are going to edit a lot, then make yourself a user and login. Does all he can to kill the Party before Hopper and Joyce manage to disintegrate his proxy avatar. "Vecna" may be referring to two or more different villains. DreamWorks Pure Evils | Strap in folks, Vecna is in Stranger Things. After Will is woken up, the Mind Flayer attempts everything in its powers to convince the group to free him from his restraints while individual party members try to get through to Will. Lewis Dodgson, Live-Action Television Made it look like the house's bathtub was being filled with spiders instead of water to scare his mother, Virginia, supposedly because she hated him for his powers. Billy and the Mind Flayer traps the Party at the mall. Was able to throw large chunks of debris and shards of wood), Rage Power (Seemingly grows more powerful the angrier he gets, much like Eleven), Hive Mind (Is a part of the Mind Flayer's Hive Mind), Telepathy, Technology Manipulation (Technology begins to malfunction in the presence of his powers), Astral Projection (Is able to enter the mindscapes of his victims in order to attack them), Memory Manipulation (Can show people memories from their past, and go on to recreate these locations in the mindscape), Portal Creation & Dimensional Travel (After killing a victim of his curse, a portal to the Upside Down will open at the site), Body Control & Bodily Weaponry (Is able to grow a claw from his hand, has vines slithering around his body at all times), Regeneration (Mid-Low: Recovered lost skin and vines after Max pulled them out), Body Puppetry (Victims of Vecna's curse will be levitated into the air, experiencing uncontrollable eye movements), Curse Manipulation (Can inflict Vecna's Curse upon his victims. Dopo tre anni di attesa, "Stranger Things" torna su Netflix con la sua quarta stagione. This also led to Jason and his friends to attempt to kill not only Eddie, but all of his friends too, with Vecna generally responsible for sending him down the deep end. Skrael | Max surprises Vecna with a cunning loop holeSubscribe to the 2nd channel brother!https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCBngnLwNNuEXwB6BvwZ0YkwPatreon https://pat. Warning: Major spoilers for the end of Stranger Things Season 4, Part 1 below! VS Battles Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Henry Creel, znany również jako On, Vecna lub Łupieżca Umysłu, jest głównym antagonistą oryginalnej serii Netflix pt. But the human world was disrupting this harmony. this then turned out to be the Mind Flayer. However, the show itself doesn't confirm this. Manipulated Dr. Brenner's subject Eleven while posing as an orderly of Brenner's laboratory by tricking her into believing that. Has his Demodogs devour Joyce Byers' boyfriend. Kills Billy for betraying him and deciding to protect Eleven even though Billy was no threat to him. We've been building it... for you. Starting with Chrissy, Henry invades her mind, tormenting her with visions of her abusive mother, before killing her. Vecna manages to escape in the distraction and activates the fourth gate. 31 pa janm 2022. in Netflix, Streaming. His dad, Victor, tried to open the door, but Henry used his powers to stop this. He serves as the unseen overarching antagonist of season 1, the unseen main antagonist of seasons 2 and 3 (in his Mind Flayer form) and the main antagonist of season 4. They detest them. Tales of Arcadia Pure Evils | He found dark particlesfloating around and moving, but Vecna used his telekinesis to move the particles and give it a preferred shape and form. You shouldn't have looked for me. Vecna is the main villain in season 4 of the 2016 Netflix original series, Stranger Things. As she pulls out of his mind, Billy grabs her, and the Mind Flayer senses her location, in Hopper's cabin. If you came here from a link, please go back and make the right link for one of the villains listed below. One, Henry Nick Goode | After the Mind Flayer's previous defeat, Henry established a psychic connection with several teenagers in Hawkins: Chrissy Cunningham, a cheerleader; Fred Benson, an aspiring reporter and Nancy Wheeler's sidekick; Max Mayfield, a member of the Party; and Patrick McKinney, a basketball player and the friend of Jason Carver, who witness the murders and attempted to find the truth. He then woke up tied up into a chair with Dr. Martin Brenner in front of him, making Project MkUltra, using psychedelic drugs to use mind control and test their powers. Behind The Scenes Information In other words, he's the big, scary monster wreaking havoc . 224. Alien Adacic | Peter Ballard is the Vecna who has become . Bower's face first shows up in season 4's fifth episode. I am an admin of this site. Nancy and Johnathan find Driscoll gone and were attacked by a Flayed Tom and Bruce, which dissolved into flesh and fused into the Mind Flayer after being killed by Nancy and Johnathan. You... let us in. This, coupled with his actions against the Starcourt Mall last year, seems to have been the final straw for some of the local population, who have decided to leave the town for good. Original score. 224. After this event, he became the first psychic child in Dr. Brenner's care. Jamie Campbell Bower He then realised that he didn't need to be. Writing on season 5 has officially begun - and the first episode has been completed. Before this, one of the rats controlled by the Mind Flayer was captured by an elderly woman named Doris Driscoll for consuming her new fertilizer, which had Nancy and Jonathan investigating on this. Henry Creel, a.k.a. He is portrayed by Jamie Campbell Bower as an adult and by Raphael Luce as a boy. Hopper fights with Grigori in the gate room as Joyce prepares to trigger the shutdown. He is also the former mentor/friend turned archenemy of Jane "Eleven" Ives and the archenemy of Will Byers and Max Mayfield. TMNT Pure Evils | 2022-05-30 19:01:00 - Paris/France. His father was a war veteran, whom Henry despised due to his actions in the war. Stranger Things (season 4) The fourth season of the American science fiction horror drama television series Stranger Things was released worldwide on the streaming service Netflix in two volumes. Telepathy, Telekinesis, Dream Manipulation, Oneric Slaying, Strength, Teleportation (presumably), Illusory Mind Control, Advanced Intelligence, Retrocognition, Hypnosis This causes the distraction they hoped for, alerting the Mind Flayer to the attack and causing it to draw off the Demodogs from the institute.

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