DRG takes pride in offering a full range of construction services for its clients, a majority of which are repeat clients. Whether a project is in its design and feasibility phase; in need of team management during design and construction; ready for bidding and construction and, once completed, requires post construction services, DRG has the experience, personnel and resources in delivering high quality projects.

DRG has built a reputation for providing service excellence often exceeding a client’s expectations for delivering their building program, budget and schedule requirements.

What we offer
    • Construction Management
    • Preliminary Cost Analysis
    • Zoning/Entitlement Services
    • Design Build
    • Preconstruction
    • Construction
    • Completed Project Delivery
Construction/Program Management

Construction projects offer many challenges and complex issues, which is why DRG offers premier Construction/Program Management services to provide professional integration on projects for our owner-clients. Projects often involve thousands of workers, subcontractors, suppliers, and often millions of dollars in material and equipment. Managing such a project requires the type of experience and due diligence DRG brings to every project. As a company with 20 years of progressive pre-construction, construction, and complete project delivery, DRG understands the steps required for successful project completion. Our team of highly trained and experienced professionals manage the project from conception to completion, ensuring a quality product is delivered on time and within budget.
Our broad range of Management services include:

    • Establish and manage budget
    • Design Assistance
    • Sustainability & LEED Development
    • Site selection
    • Develop Project Delivery System
    • Building Code Analysis & Permitting
    • Manage the bid process
    • Negotiate and award contracts
    • Construction and field administration
    • Dispute resolution
    • Scheduling
    • Materials management and all duties associated to include procurement, receipt of materials, inspection, and issuing to subcontractors
    • Safety Program
    • Quality Control
    • Risk Management
Preliminary Cost Analysis

DRG provides our clients with a preliminary cost analysis for all their construction projects. We are available to provide you with an estimate from the design phase to ensure the project is feasible and the project performance is attainable within the budget parameters. We assist our clients define schedules, costs and establish guidelines during the planning phase.

Zoning/Entitlement Services

DRG is here to assist you by providing Zoning/Entitlement services and asses your project before you enter in to planning/design, which can be very costly. DRG can provide site research, land use, current zoning issues as well as potential concerns that may impact your project. We provide our clients with a complete analysis to determine whether a project is viable.

Design Build

DRG understands the complexity of taking a project from concept through construction, which is why we offer our clients Design-Build services. DRG uses an integrated design approach on all projects and our clients are included in the development of the programmatic requirements of their projects. This approach fosters a “team” attitude. We begin each project by establishing a clear understanding of the project scope and the services required to meet your needs and goals.


DRG can commit to a full range of preconstruction services to ensure that your project starts with a solid foundation.

    • Design assistance
    • Architect selection and/or working with your architect
    • Budget development at selected design milestones
    • Estimating at 100% design
    • Obtain building permits and/or resolve permitting issues with a variety of municipalities

This stage of a construction project requires absolute diligence, organization and meticulous follow-up on the part of the General Contractor or Construction Manager.

    • Project Management through subcontract coordination
    • Regular owner and architect communication
    • Schedule Management with strict adherence to established milestones
    • Quality control; construction documents, all installations and field work
    • Contract administration documented throughout the contract to accurately execute all revisions, progress and accounting
Completed Project Delivery

Once your construction process has been completed, the next step is efficient delivery into the owner’s possession. Our post-construction services ensure a smooth and expedient transition to ultimate project conclusion and final billing. This process is just another step in delivering on our promises and helping your company meet its project goals.
Below is a listing of the post-construction services that DRG Construction provides.

    • Prepare and Quickly Complete All Punch List Items

      o Schedule Subcontractors or Self-perform
      o Document Progress and Completion and Owner Acceptance

    • Operations and Maintenance Manuals (O&M’s)

      o Solicitation of Specified O&M’s and Warranties from Subcontractors
      o Solicitation or Plotting of As Built Drawings
      o Record Submittal Documents
      o Provided on CD Rom to Owner at First Punch List Walk

    • Warranty Call Coordination

      o Coordinate or Respond to Calls from Owner During Warranty Period
      o Schedule Subcontractors
      o Document Resolution and Owner Acceptance
      o Notification to Owner of Warranty Expiration
Pricing / Cost Control

Project pricing and cost control go hand in hand. DRG provides very reliable pricing whether it’s a preliminary estimate, a standard bid or a Guaranteed Maximum Price. We make it a point to know the industry market and subcontractors and suppliers in our region. While we may not always be the lowest bid, we provide added value in the way we manage a project with our experienced personnel and utilizing our full company resources.

DRG’s cost control methods manage every budget to achieve our original project estimate. We have developed an in-house system that manages the budget through each division of construction. We track each project dollar, make value engineering adjustments, communicate extensively with our client and work closely with our subcontractors. The benefit to our client is a high quality, on budget project.


Safety is a priority on all projects for DRG and our commitment to safety is proven through our excellent safety record. Safety is one of the first topics addressed on every project in the construction start up phase. DRG has developed a thorough program with detailed procedures for on-site safety covering a multitude of topics and challenges. We proactively educate and train our staff and subcontractors prior to every project start up. We believe safety is an everyday responsibility for everyone. We expect our staff, workers, clients and the general public to experience a safe working environment at all times during the construction on each of our projects.

Quality Control

DRG has a long history of commitment to Quality Control/Quality Assurance and has incorporated this as an integral part of each employee’s work tasks. By this commitment to quality, our Quality Control Plan encompasses the entire Project Team. We believe Control of Quality is the responsibility of all individuals working on site during construction.

The DRG Team recognizes quality achievements through a Quality Recognition Program that is used to promote quality awareness at the craft level. The Quality Recognition Program uses positive reinforcement to reward craftspeople who consistently meet or exceed DRG’s expectations of quality workmanship. All DRG subcontractor craftsmen are eligible to participate in the Quality Recognition Program.

A well-defined Quality Control Plan and continuous monitoring of materials and workmanship is critical to delivering a high-quality project. DRG’s proven approach to Quality Control ensures approved plans and specifications are being followed and relevant codes are being observed. With all these procedures implemented and maintained throughout the project, DRG is able to deliver the highest standards in quality, materials, and workmanship.